The baby wrap is long enough for the average Mommy up to a size 40. Kindly contact us for an extra length Baby Wrap should you feel it is necessary.

Simply take a scissor and cut it shorter. Rember to cut the same length of BOTH ends, as the Tulips & Tea label remains your centre. Don’t worry – your baby wrap will not fray when cut.

Because of the ultra-stretchable fabric used the hems do not fray and curl in automatically once you start using your Wrap. To put a thread in a piece of material that is pulled and stretched around your body so often will make the thread come out and fray very ugly.

Your Tulips & Tea Baby Wrap Carrier is knitted from a durable cotton mixture. This is a blended material, but the largest percentage is Cotton.
Cotton washes easily in any washing machine with cold water and soap.
Cotton is known to shrink easily, therefore it is advised to hang out to dry and not tumble dry.
Cotton can be ironed, but as it is stretched over and around your body, it is not necessary. Do not iron over the leather label. Do not iron over stains, as it will make it permanent.

As it is a stretchy wrap you can use it as long as it securely holds your baby against your body. It is advised that you rather use it from new born to 10kg. Although there are clients using it up to 12kg, but it is not advised.

The fabric choice is ultimately your own personal preference, but this textile mixture works for us and our clients. The fabric your Tulips & Tea Wrap is made from is knitted and not weaved. It isn’t t-shirting or ordinary cotton like some baby wraps on the market. The fabric used is a 240mg Cotton Rib with a small percentage Lycra and spandex to ensure just enough stretch, without your baby wrap losing its shape, ensuring long lasting durability. You will feel the quality when you pick up your Baby Wrap, the fabric is thick and heavy to safely secure your baby against your baby. The fabric used will not wear out as you go about your daily actives whilst wearing your baby. Because of the thread count your baby will stay in the same place you tied it.

Yes, you can carry both your twins at once. Each in a sling over each breast. They will unfortunately grow out of the baby wrap very fast. It is advised to rather carry them individually.

Although the cotton fabric is breathable, it will most probably be a bit warmer to wear on summer days, just like any other clothing item.

Absolutely, Yes. For an additional R25 we can custom make a dummy clip for you. This price includes up to 13 engraved characters. Should you have a request for a longer word, please speak to us on, as anything is possible, and we would love to assist you.

The Tulips & Tea dummy clip is very versatile. Most dummies (NUK, Tommee Tippee, Snookums, Honey, Tobbie & Co, Phillips Avent, etc.) will clip on easily. Most teethers or even a small toy can also be clipped on. Some parents even use the personalised leather band to ‘name’ their little one’s bag for play school!

The Tulips & Tea personalised leather dummy clip is a very special gift for a baby shower or even a christening. Moms love it because it is so versatile. Most dummies or teethers and small toys clip on easily. The best part is that the timeless leather design, makes the clip look stylish and durable. It’s made from natural genuine leather to last you a life time! Furthermore it will ensure that the dummy or teether stays clean and safe, within the reach of your little one.

Tulips & Tea has a flat rate of R85. You pay the flat rate of R85 no matter the size of your order and no matter where in South Africa you live. The courier companies that we partner with are very reliable and deliver to your door. We advise that you provide a business address as first option or a home address where someone is always home.

The more you use it the ‘better’ it gets. Leather ‘wears in’, instead of out. You can wipe of with a damp cloth / wet wipe, or even put it in the washing machine! (It has been machine washed twice before your purchase.) The dummy clip just gets more character, that’s the amazing thing about genuine leather!

We would be so excited to hear from you!

We are fortunate to appear in many different types of shops, from baby boutiques, gift shops, leather stores and even farm stalls! You can even become an online reseller from the ease of your own home. Please email us at!

– Always use a soft cloth to clean the exterior of your clutch.

– Do not clean your clutch with any chemicals or cleaning product NOT suitable for leather.

– Avoid cotton stitching when applying your preferred leather care.

– We recommend using Hannicare – Complete Leather Care for exterior care.

– In case of an interior spill or mess, wipe immediately with a wet wipe or damp cloth and allow to air dry – never use a heater.

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