NEOGEN™: Multi-purpose Travel System Cover

NEOGEN™: Multi-purpose Travel System Cover


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The New Generation (NEOGEN) multipurpose travel companion.

First of its kind multi cover for your car seat, pram or even breastfeeding. The two-way zip feature of the NEOGEN I and NEOGEN II ensures controlled access, just when and how you need it! Keep your baby safe from rain, wind, sun, flying insects, germs, and even strangers!

The Tulips & Tea NEOGEN Travel System Cover™ is a versatile cover and an empowering travel companion for any parent.

The stretchy fit of the NEOGEN cover ensures that it easily covers most infant car seats or prams, whilst giving you access to assist your baby, when and how the need arises.

Easily adjust your NEOGEN cover to your preference, and travel in style! Our latest edition is the NEOGEN II design which offers best of both worlds. It does not only have the two-way-zip feature, but also offers two-way fully reversible color! Now even more practical than before! If you can’t choose between two colors the NEOGEN II is perfect for you, as it offers two styles in one product. Classic black the one day, and trendy leopard the next!

NEOGEN I: One colour

1. Dusty Blush
2. Black
3. Dove grey
4. Mustard

NEOGEN I: Two-tone

1. Dove grey & Dusty Blush

NEOGEN II: Fully reversible

1. Black // Leopard
2. Black // Dove grey
3. Black // Rust
4. Black // Olive
5. Dove grey // Dusty Blush



The NEOGEN Travel System Cover is the first of its kind with an unique “two-way-zipper”, empowering the parent to easily remove their child without having to remove the entire cover.

The cover is quick to zip down to remove a fussy or crying baby. Zip up or down, depending on the weather conditions. An area of sight can be bigger or smaller, depending on the parents’ preference.

The Tulips & Tea NEOGEN Travel System Cover is made from a breathable and durable cotton; and a must have accessory for any parent to assist them when traveling with a baby.

Why moms love it?

  • Made from a breathable and durable cotton.
  • Stretchy fit over almost all car seats and prams.
  • Zipper enables easy access.
  • Easy to insert your baby without removing the cover. Saves time and effort.
  • Quick to zip up or down depending on the weather.
  • No need to stretch open to peak, when it can easily be zipped open to the preferred open space.
  • Two-way zipper can open and close the area of sight as per parents’ preference.
  • Breastfeed discreetly and comfortably. Easily adjust zip open and close with one hand.
  • The NEOGEN II is fully reversible in two colors.

Additional information

Cover colour

Black // Dove grey – Fully reversible, Black // Leopard – Fully reversible, Black // Olive – Fully reversible, Black // Rust – Fully reversible, Dove grey // Dusty Blush – Fully reversible, Dove grey & Dusty Blush – Two-tone, Dusty Blush, Black, Dove grey, Mustard